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Queensway Cares

We take pride in running a business where people love to work, and our patients love to attend.

As well as providing unparalleled, professional dentistry in a welcoming and trusting environment, equally important to us, is a commitment to making a positive difference both locally and globally through the way we run our business.

We call these commitments, ‘Queensway Cares’.

We ensure a proportion of our time and budget is used to help develop our staff and support good causes in a strategic and planned way.

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What we do, what we're committed to and how we outwork our commitments.

  • We donate funds and where possible, work with our chosen charities and organisations.
  • We support and facilitate our team to take part in fundraising activities.
  • We enable members of our team to take part in volunteering activities in the local area.
  • As a business and as individuals, we are committed to minimising our impact on the environment and run a sustainable business.
  • We are proud to be a part of and support our communities in the North East.
  • As dental professionals, our primary commitment is to improve oral health in an honest and open environment. Our work is all about creating confidence.

We work strategically with our chosen causes for a minimum of 2 years. By committing to this timeframe, we can make significant differences and help the causes achieve more as they know they have long term backing from us and others. To respond to the many smaller local charities in need of support, we also support a community fund which is allocated to good causes in the area.

Queensway Cares


Kidscape is a bullying prevention charity working with children, families and schools throughout England and Wales. They are best known for running ZAP resilience and assertiveness workshops in schools and the community, helping children recognise and respond to bullying. Queensway Orthodontics, who run five practices in the North East of England, see thousands of children each year and are passionate about helping children to grow in confidence – both inside and out!

As well as raising vital funds for the charity, members of the Queensway Orthodontics team will train as Kidscape Community Leaders, able to identify, help and signpost children and families who may be impacted by bullying.

Queensway Orthodontics and Kidscape will work together in the coming months on a confidence campaign, sharing advice and resources to help children grow in confidence and self-esteem, proud of who they are, kind and considerate towards others, and looking towards a bright future.

We hope that this will encourage many others working in orthodontics and dentistry to look for broader opportunities to positively influence and inspire young lives.

Please click here for Kidscape's top tips for parent and carers resource. Here you will find lot's of helpful advice for when dealing with a bullying situation.

For advice for children and young people, please click here.

To visit Kidscape website, please click here.

Queensway Cares


Now more than ever, families across the North East are struggling to purchase essentials including oral health supplies. We are passionate about helping families and as part of our Queensway Cares Commitment we have established relationships with food banks across the North East in the surrounding areas of our practices to help give back to those that need it the most.

We are proud to be able to donate 5% of sales of our sundry products in the form of toothbrushes and toothpastes once a quarter to the food banks. We are grateful to be able to work with these organisations to help where we can.


Environment & Sustainability

  • Where possible, we use recycled products and reuse equipment that we sterilise on-site.
  • We have adopted a secure online booking and patient/treatment management system in order to reduce printing.
  • We have reduced our energy consumption through a strict power-down policy and restricted use of air conditioning. The energy we do consume comes from sustainable sources through carbon neutral energy supply.

As well as these initial steps, we are rolling out a series of measures to improve our care for the environment across the business.

Queensway Cares