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Incognito lingual braces

Here at Queensway Orthodontics, we specialise in providing you with some of the most discreet orthodontic treatment options available. This includes lingual braces, which are attached to the back of your teeth. We'll be happy to talk you through this treatment option when you come in to meet us at your free consultation

What are Incognito lingual braces?

Incognito lingual braces use the brackets and archwires that conventional braces do, but because they are fitted to the back surface (tongue side) of your teeth, no one will know you are receiving treatment, unless you tell them of course! 

Custom-made to suit your teeth, the Incognito system also adds an extra individual element to your treatment as the braces are designed for your teeth and your teeth only.

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Comfortable yet effective treatment option

The brackets on Incognito lingual braces are fabricated in cast gold for your comfort and, because they are positioned on the back of your teeth, this reduces the risk of wires and brackets irritating the inside of your cheeks. When lingual braces are first fitted they can affect your speech slightly while you get used to wearing them, but this doesn’t last for long. 

Are lingual braces suitable for everyone?

Lingual braces are popular among many of our adult patients because they offer such a discreet treatment option. Whether you’re attending a family occasion or presenting to clients, these braces aren’t visible and therefore won’t impact on your appearance.

Frequently asked questions

Are lingual braces expensive?
Lingual braces do cost more than conventional fixed braces but at Queensway Orthodontics we offer finance options and payment plans to help with the cost of treatment. More details about these are available on our cost and finance page

Are lingual braces hygienic?
Lingual braces are fixed to the surface of your teeth which does make them more difficult to clean than removable Invisalign aligners for example. However, we will provide you with a care-pack and instructions for cleaning your braces and maintaining your oral hygiene throughout treatment.

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