Invisalign® First

Over 11 million patients have benefited from Invisalign® treatment, and now children can enjoy those benefits too! At Queensway Orthodontics, we offer Invisalign® First treatment specifically made for growing smiles.

Invisalign® for Teens

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Invisalign® First

Gently improve children’s smiles (aged 6 - 10) as they grow.

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What is Invisalign® First?

Invisalign® First is designed for children ages 6-10. Instead of metal wires and brackets, Invisalign® First brings all the established benefits of Invisalign treatment with a set of features designed for small mouths and smiles. A series of smooth comfortable to wear and extremely discreet clear plastic aligners to shape your child’s developing smile.

During your child’s free consultation, we’ll take impression-free 3d scans of their teeth before our Orthodontic Specialists use these scans to design and create a bespoke treatment just for them. Invisalign aligners are removable and manufactured to exact standards, so they won’t get in the way of your child’s eating, hobbies and tooth brushing with a perfect fit and maximum comfort.

With our hi-tech remote monitoring appointments are needed less often than conventional treatments and your child’s Specialist will be able to monitor and guide their treatment with weekly feedback via the app. With each of custom aligners slightly differently we can guide the teeth into alignment all the time allowing for the continued growth of the teeth and jaws, create their confident new smile and health bite.

What’s more, because they are virtually invisible your child need not feel self-conscious about their teeth with Invisalign First treatment. For the more outgoing child there is however the option of endless customising with the unique Invisalign Stickables

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Why should my child start early orthodontic treatment?

Not all children need treatment before the adult teeth are established, but it can be extremely beneficial to the ones who do by improving the bite or smile sooner or preventing or reducing problems that can get worse or develop later on. This can reduce the need or complexity of any orthodontic treatment in the teenage years.

Early interceptive treatment can help to:

  • Create room for crowded or incoming teeth
  • Help align the teeth to make brushing easier
  • Shorten or simplify later orthodontic treatments by getting a head start
  • Correct damaging ‘cross-bites’ or crossed over teeth which can wear the teeth and thin the gums
  • Improve deep bites damaging or hurting the roof of the mouth
  • Prevent uneven wear on the teeth
  • Lower the risk of damage to protruding front teeth

Invisalign First Patient wearing Invisalign First

Benefits of Invisalign® First

Invisalign First is becoming increasingly popular for Children and parents alike as it is:

  • Removable - Snack time? No problem. Your child can remove their aligners to enjoy their favourite foods and drinks and most importantly for regular brushing.
  • Comfortable - The smooth plastic of Invisalign® clear aligners won’t irritate your child’s cheeks or gums with no metal components to rub or break off
  • Discreet - Because Invisalign® First aligners are completely transparent; your child can keep their treatment to themselves (unless of course they want to express themselves with Stickables)
  • Effective – Early treatment is not new but for a range of specific problems with Invisalign First it is easier than ever to enjoy the benefits of getting ahead with your child’s orthodontic treatment.
  • Convenient - With our hi-tech remote monitoring of Invisalign and Invisalign First treatment meaning fewer appointments, great treatment now fits into busy lives better than ever.
  • Customised – Invisalign® First treatment is tailored by Queensway’s Specialists to meet the needs of your child’s smile and dental health in collaboration with their hopes and your objectives.

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A team you can trust

At Queensway Orthodontics, we are the UK’s leading specialist orthodontic provider of Invisalign® treatment. With over 2500 Invisalign smiles created over 10 years and the highest level of Invisalign Apex provider achieved you can be confident your child’s smile is in good hands.

Team you can trust Team you can trust

Can my child benefit?

To find out just book a free no-obligation consultation with the team at Queensway Orthodontics to see how your child might benefit from Invisalign® First treatment

What about costs?

With our great value and flexible 0% finance plans Invisalign First treatment is more affordable than ever. What’s more with the unique Invisalign First staging, if a second phase of treatment is needed later when the adult teeth have grown on this benefits from preferential pricing.

Invisalign First Patient wearing Invisalign First