Danielle's story


Danielle Baker

Danielle Baker

“Just over a year ago, I had a free initial consultation at Queensway as I was HIGHLY self-conscious about my teeth, but I didn't think there was anything that could be done about them as I'd already had braces as a teenager. They were uneven, overcrowded, discoloured and I had a tooth that was twisted on its side...

And now, I have teeth that are perfectly straight thanks to the Queensway team - Guy, Laura and the orthodontic department who looked after me through my brace treatment and not forgetting hygienist Sally who kept my teeth super clean. I finished my treatment with composite bonding to address the enamel erosion on my front teeth. They are now beautifully whiter thanks to dentist Paul.

I am so amazed at how natural they look! I LOVE the finished result!!! Queensway has given me the confidence to smile again!

Every single member of staff have been absolutely incredible and have made the whole process so much easier. They've always been on hand to answer any questions I have and they're so positive and encouraging every step of the way. A special shout out to Jo, who asked me to be a Queensway star, she has been amazing organising everything!

I COMPLETELY recommend! I never thought that such a difference would be possible.”

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