Fiona's story



Since becoming a dental nurse herself, Fiona had always wanted to ‘fix’ the things that she didn’t like about her smile. She had a visible gap in her top set of teeth and as a result the tooth next door had become twisted. Since a teenager. NHS dental work consisting of veneers and a bridge had been a solution in her teenage years but she wanted something better.

Having a young family her dreams of a new smile were put on hold until in 2011 when she decided to enquire at Queensway Dental Clinic to find out exactly what treatment she would need and what the cost would be. After a free 30-minute consultation with Dr Ian Lane, she was given some time to consider her options: she made the decision that there was no time like the present.

Treatment began with Fiona seeing Queensway’s Specialist Orthodontist Dr Guy Deeming where she was fitted with braces which were worn on the top and bottom set of teeth for 18 months to straighten the teeth. Being ceramic, the braces were hardly noticeable and were the first stage of the journey towards the smile she had always wanted. Upon completion of her orthodontic treatment, she required crown lengthening on two teeth and a dental implant to fill the gap that she had always disliked. This was the part Fiona was nervous about but Dr Ian Lane was able to alleviate her fears and anxieties with the use of conscious sedation. The implant was the exact match to the surrounding teeth and best of all Fiona assures us that the process was completely painless!

Two years later, upon completion of every stage of treatment, Fiona said: “Because of the complex treatment that I needed, I knew it wasn’t going to be a quick fix but it was well worth the wait. In just over two years I have a fantastic smile that I show off all of the time. It really does feel like it has changed my life as it is something that I have wanted for so long.

Fiona now continues to see Dr Ian Lane as her general dentist and brings her family along too for their regular check-ups, “Being a patient at Queensway means that everything really is under one roof and I completely trust all of the team and their expertise to look after us.


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