Karen's story

Smiling above the clouds with Invisalign

Karen's story


Karen had always wanted straighter teeth but she was unsure how to go about it. After mentioning it at her routine check-up with Dr Ian Lane, she was referred to see Queensway’s specialist orthodontist, Dr Guy Deeming.

At her free consultation, Karen explained to Guy how her job as cabin crew for a large British airline meant she needed a brace that was discreet, easy to look after and would fit in with her busy lifestyle.

The Invisalign system of clear aligners was going to be the perfect option for her.

In total Karen wore the nearly-invisible Invisalign appliance for 15 months. A series of 14 aligners on the top and 44 on the bottom arch gradually moved the teeth to the correct position.

She now has the straight teeth she has always wanted and can smile and talk to passengers without being conscious.       

Karen said the only people who noticed she was wearing the brace were those that were also wearing Invisalign and the treatment was worth every penny. In fact, two of her colleagues have since gone on to have Invisalign after seeing her results. 

Dr Guy Deeming says: “Invisalign is the ideal brace for people like Karen who work in a customer facing role and want to straighten their teeth. It is discreet so hardly anyone will know that you are wearing it. We make our appointments as flexible as possible to fit in with work commitments and we have introduced interest-free finance so the cost can be spread into affordable monthly payments.

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