Stephanie's story

Mother and daughter choose Queensway
Orthodontics for their perfect smile

Stephanie's story


Stephanie from Hartburn brought her daughter Jessica to Queensway Orthodontics after a recommendation from a family member. Jessica had previously been to another orthodontist and had some simple treatment, but it had not achieved the result she hoped for.

At her consultation with Queensway’s specialist orthodontist, Dr Guy Deeming, Jessica was able to ask questions and discuss what results she was hoping to achieve, while Guy explained treatment and brace options. As her school prom was approaching and because she had already had some treatment elsewhere, Jessica and Stephanie chose to have her treatment on a private basis to take advantage of the flexibility this service can offer.

Jessica went on to have upper and lower Damon® fixed braces placed. Damon® brackets are particularly small and neat, using a metal clip instead of elastics to hold the wire in place. This means that appointments are simpler and the braces are easier to keep clean – ideal for a busy teenager.

In total Jessica wore her brace for just over a year and got the smile she wanted in time for her prom. She completed her new look with a simple air-polish to bring out the natural beauty and shine of her teeth.

Jessica said: “I can really notice the difference with my smile and it is just how I wanted it to be. I feel confident now and not conscious about my smile at all. This was important for me with the school prom coming up and starting college. Thank you Guy and the team at Queensway.

Whilst attending Jessica’s appointments, Stephanie also began to discuss the options for treatment with Guy, in particular the Invisalign® system of clear aligners that she had seen advertised. Stephanie felt her teeth had become prominent and irregular although she had worn a palate brace at school. Over the years this ‘goofiness’ had started to bother her more and more, but she had been put off by the idea of wearing a traditional fixed metal brace.

Having decided to book a free consultation with Guy and done some reading up on the internet, it was a matter of weeks before she was having her moulds and records taken and, soon after, her first Invisalign® aligner fitted. Stephanie was very happy to report that friends and family didn’t even notice her wearing them. Treatment for the upper and lower teeth took 12 months for Stephanie, following which she will need to wear some simple night-time retainers to keep the teeth looking fantastic.

On completing her treatment Stephanie said: ‘I am over the moon with my new smile and the result achieved. I thought I was too old for braces, but after bringing Jess for her appointment and seeing the options for treatment as an adult I was sold. Now I love my smile – it’s a great feeling!’

Stephanie said of the whole experience: “Guy and the team at Queensway Orthodontics were excellent, always attentive, smiley and polite, making visits enjoyable for both of us. I would most definitely recommend them to everyone”. 

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