Vicki's story

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Vicki's story


After seeing her daughter’s great results following orthodontic treatment, Vicki, aged 40, decided it was the right time for her to seek advice about her crooked smile. Vicki decided to book a free consultation with treatment advisor Leanne, and was fitted with Invisalign in December 2016.  She noticed a difference in her smile after just a short amount of time and recommended the treatment to her mum, Janet, who was also unhappy with her teeth.  

Just two weeks later, she was booked in for a consultation with Leanne and was fitted with Invisalign in March 2016. 

Vicki said: “I hated smiling as I felt like my teeth were all crooked and wonky and felt self-conscious about smiling. 

“I was already a patient at Queensway Dentalso Queensway Orthodontics seemed like the obvious choice.  Maya, who is now 16, had her braces taken out a couple of years ago and they looked amazing - we couldn’t believe the difference. 

“I was determined to get braces but couldn't decide between Invisalign or fixed braces then after a chat with Leanne I decided on Invisalign because of its discreetness. My mum, Janet, then signed up straight away for Invisalign based on my recommendation. 

“My Orthodontist, Guy, was also my daughter’s orthodontist and is now also my mums, which is lovely as I think that’s quite unusual. 

“I have only had my Invisalign in for nearly four months and I’m so happy that I can see a difference already. I think it will probably take 12 to 18 months to see the full effect. 

“Maya now just wears the retainers on a night and is very happy with her nice straight teeth.” 

Maya said: “I absolutely hated my teeth before I had braces. I would hardly smile and would cover my mouth when I laughed.  After only having braces on for 14 months the difference was unbelievable.  It was the best thing I ever did.

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