Patient testimonials

At Queensway Dental, we make every effort to ensure we continually provide the best treatment experience for our patients. As part of this commitment, we ask patients for feedback on their time with us. Here’s what some of them have had to say;

My front teeth overlapped each other at an early age, and realistically I should have been recommended a brace as a teenager however at the time this option was not made available to me.

I went through my thirties and forties mildly self-conscious that my smile wasn’t as good as it could be. My two daughters had braces in their teens and now both have wonderful teeth and smiles. They and my husband encouraged me to take the leap and look into orthodontic work on my teeth; I was recommended to Guy by my dentist and after an initial consultation I decided I felt confident in Guy’s abilities. I wasn’t keen on ‘train tracks’, however you soon get used to them and they really weren’t as aesthetically obvious as you would think.

18 months later and I am pleased to say I now have a smile I am proud of and the confidence to show it off! Thanks to Guy & his professional team!

Gillian, Darlington
Fixed Braces, 18 Months

I was embarrassed by my smile as I thought it looked unsightly. I was very conscious when speaking to people that they would be staring at my teeth instead of looking at me. I'd had braces when I was younger; however, my teeth hadn't stayed straight and I'd become more and more conscious of how they looked.

I visited Queensway Orthodontics for a consultation with Dr Guy Deeming. Guy explained all of the treatment options to me and made me feel completely comfortable. I was looking for a brace option that was discreet as I didn't want people to know I was having treatment, which was why I chose Invisalign®.

I feel wonderful about my smile after treatment, it's been a complete transformation. Before treatment I would always try to cover my mouth when talking to people but that's something I don't have to do now. I can smile with a big cheesy grin and feel completely confident doing so. Throughout my treatment the service I received at Queensway was excellent and I'm really pleased to have gone ahead with treatment there. I would recommend Guy and Queensway Orthodontics to anyone, even my niece is now considering treatment!

Sheila, Hartlepool
Invisalign®, 17 months

I had wonky teeth and gaps which had bothered me from being a teenager. I would always try to hide my mouth with my hand, and would never smile and show my teeth.

My sister had braces and needed extractions, so I was quite apprehensive about having my consultation, but there was completely no need to be. I felt really relaxed and at ease throughout, it didn’t feel like coming to the dentist at all!

I decided to go ahead with fixed braces on both my top and bottom teeth. I didn’t find wearing my braces painful and overall the whole experience was a lot better than I thought it would be. I wore the braces for 22 months but I couldn’t believe how quickly the time passed.

The results are great, I’m over the moon with my smile. It’s given me loads of confidence and the only thing is I wish I had done it sooner.

The service has always been brilliant and my brother is even planning on visiting for treatment now!

Terri, Hartlepool
Upper and lower fixed braces, 22 months

I was using a different dentist and felt the need for a change. As my mother was a patient of Dr Lane I went there for a check-up. I had thought about having my teeth straightened previously, but being apprehensive around dentists didn't take it any further. (My previous dentist had referred me to Newcastle but I cancelled the appointment.) Dr Lane suggested a non-committal referral to the orthodontist and I had my appointment with Guy.

As you'll have noticed from my before photos, my teeth were all over the place and interlocking. I was conscious about the way they looked but being around people that know you and your teeth it wasn't too bad. I would still smile, not showing my teeth and people would see my dimples.

I'm not one for being in photos but I have noticed on those that have been taken that I now show my teeth as well as my dimples! I don't make an effort to show the teeth, it's just natural. I probably notice it more, knowing how I was before. The feeling is great and I'm not worried about meeting new people.

The treatment that I received was top class. I think I mentioned to Guy at our first appointment about my anxiety around dentists. He put me at ease and explained the process. Even the idea of having three teeth removed to get the room for the teeth to move into didn't seem as worrying. (I did tell myself that at 51 years of age I had to man up at some point.) The manner of all the staff was excellent. I remember Jade the dental nurse saying it would be worth it in the end when having my x-rays taken. Guy was excellent throughout and even to have another tooth removed was no longer an issue, his explanation of the ‘whys’ and ‘where fors’ made the decision easy.

Ian, Billingham
Upper and lower fixed braces, 26 months

I was unbelievably conscious of my teeth before I came to Queensway. I hated looking at them, and even talking about teeth made me feel uncomfortable. I’d shied away from dental appointments for years and in doing so had developed a fear of even attending my check-ups.

I was aware that Queensway had a really good reputation, so after seeing a few adverts for the clinic I plucked up the courage to book a consultation. I was aware I could need a great deal of work doing but I couldn’t shy away from it any longer.

I initially saw Dr Paul Averley at the clinic, who completed the treatment I needed before he referred me to orthodontist Dr Guy Deeming.

I loved the transparent approach at Queensway. Everything was always explained in full, including the costs and any implications, and I was able to ‘take it or leave it’. I didn’t ever feel pressured or rushed in to any treatment.

When I visited Guy for my consultation I had my heart set on Invisalign®. I work as an assistant head teacher so having such a public facing role and feeling so conscious about my teeth to begin with, I wanted something which would be discreet. I also wasn’t convinced about wearing braces in my thirties and didn’t want to draw any more attention to my teeth!

After discussing all of the options with Guy he advised me that the most suitable appliance for me would be fixed braces, as they would give the most predictable result for correcting my bite and closing the spaces.

My choice was simple, either feel conscious of having braces for 18 months or carry on without them and probably feel self-conscious for the rest of my life!

I decided in the end to go for clear fixed braces on both my top and bottom teeth. I did have a few doubts at the very beginning of my treatment but once I got used to my braces I realised it wasn’t anything like I expected. I had also spoken to a few people during my treatment who were either current or past patients of Guy's and they all spoke very highly of him and said how amazing he was.

During my brace treatment I had been involved in an accident, knocking six of my upper teeth out of place. Having both Guy and Dr Averley based at the same clinic meant I was able to book an emergency appointment and come directly from the hospital to see them both at the same time. It was excellent and hugely reassuring!

I feel really confident about my smile now I have had my braces removed. I’ve almost forgotten how my teeth used to look before. I picked my partner up from work the same day that I had my braces removed and as I got out of the car to speak to some of my old work colleagues they said they could see my smile across the car park! It was great to hear after years of being so conscious of my smile!

I’m going on holiday soon and I’m really looking forward to not feeling conscious about my smile when someone gets their camera out. I actually can’t wait to see the photos for a change!

Gemma, Yarm
Upper and lower fixed braces, 15 months

I have been registered with Queensway Dental Clinic for many years as an NHS patient. I was referred to Specialist Orthodontist Dr Guy Deeming by my regular dentist after a check-up and discussion about the problems with my 'bite'. Following several personal tragedies I had also lost my confidence. My initial meeting with Guy put my mind at rest concerning the necessary treatment and, perhaps more importantly at the time, the issue of someone my age wearing a brace. I was taken through the various options and chose, what was for me, the best option - not the most expensive. When the brace was removed I was very nervous and it took me a while to get used to it not being there. I now feel confident to eat in company and smile a lot! I am glad I took the decision to seek help from Guy and would recommend the clinic, and particularly him, to anyone.

Carol, Billingham
Upper and lower fixed braces, 16 months

Guy was great! I felt really comfortable about my orthodontic treatment and was confident with what could be achieved. Having braces fitted also improved the way I cared for my teeth and as they weren’t very noticeable having them wasn’t an issue. I couldn’t be happier with my smile. Before treatment I would always look away or do something to mask my mouth but now I can smile confidently and not feel conscious of my teeth.

At first I was really scared about getting braces but it didn’t hurt at all. When I got them off, my friends said I looked really different because the braces brought my fang teeth down and they really helped straighten my teeth.

Always a nice welcome at reception and always a good chat with Guy - I no longer feel self-conscious when I smile, even though people probably didn’t notice my wonky tooth before, it has made a big difference to me. Thank you.

I wanted braces since I was 16 and am now 34. Wish I had done it sooner, treatment was brilliant and outcome fantastic.

Your explanation of the braces and what was going to happen was easy to understand. My teeth used to be very crooked and some teeth were crossed - I really hated my teeth at one point. I got my braces and soon saw a change. I forgot I even had braces because they felt comfy and didn’t hurt my gums. I now have my braces off and I am very happy and more confident with my smile.

Great service at reception, staff are very friendly. Updated about treatments - appointment reminders day before (closer to time). At first I was scared about getting my braces especially because my friends were getting their’s taken off, but seeing the results they got I knew I had to get them done. I am so happy with the results and am getting compliments already.

Everything was very efficient and Dr Deeming is excellent, explains things thoroughly. My whole experience at Queensway Orthodontics was a breeze. The treatment worked really quickly, the staff are so organised and helpful and Dr Deeming was always smiling and reassuring. As for my Incognito braces, no one knew I was wearing them, so I could just forget about them and let the braces work their magic. I’ve already recommended you to friends.

I never thought at my age that I could have such an improvement in the appearance of my smile after years of feeling self-conscious about my teeth. Invisalign® treatment was much quicker and easier than I anticipated.