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Queensway star story

Charlotte had just five months before her big day to transform her smile and after researching online discovered Queensway.





Fixed braces (Queensway Orthodontics) and composite bonding (Queensway Dental)

Charlotte said:

At 18 two of my teeth were damaged resulting in a need for veneers to protect the damaged areas, unfortunately the veneers were too large which pushed my own teeth out of their natural position.

My expectations were high and that any work completed had to be done within a tight timescale because I was due to get married within five months. Both Dr Guy Deeming and Dr Will Carter were very clear about what could be done within the time we had. I went ahead with a brace and composite bonding which was completed within the 5-month timescale. That kind of work usually takes a lot longer and I was incredibly grateful to get my smile back for the big day.

For me, my journey has been a consistent journey of informative, supportive and professional care from start to finish. I am continuously promoting Queensway to customers in my own business because it really is not easy to find a dentist you are both comfortable with and confident in the results they can produce. I wish Queensway all the success in the world.

Fixed braces

Before and afters

Before treatment Before

After treatment After

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