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Queensway star story

Unhappy with her overlapping front teeth, Issy wanted a straighter smile and she was becoming concerned with the discolouration of her teeth. With hopes of a straighter, whiter smile in mind, she researched Queensway’s before and afters and was impressed with the results.


Issy said:

“I wanted my teeth to be slightly straighter as one front tooth had always been slightly in front of the other. I also wanted my teeth whiter as this is something I’ve been conscious about in the past.

Every visit to Queensway was very relaxed and friendly, the orthodontists and dental staff showed me 3D images of the results that could be achieved, and it made me very excited to go ahead with the process.

I opted for Invisalign® treatment followed by whitening with Queensway Dental - the whole process took around 18 months in total.

Since completing my treatment I am much more confident in my appearance and am always smiling. Everyone comments on my teeth and I couldn’t be more grateful to Queensway for helping me achieve my new smile.

I have really enjoyed being a patient at Queensway. The staff go above and beyond to make you feel welcome and satisfied with your treatment. It’s very different to other dental practices I’ve been to in the past, it’s much more friendly and modern and I look forward to every appointment.

I would 100% recommend Queensway, I already do. They can’t do enough for each patient and you receive excellent results.”

Invisalign® and teeth whitening

Before and afters

Before treatment Before

After treatment After

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