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Following years of contemplating braces, Luke made a New Year’s resolution to look into orthodontic treatment. By the end of January, he had completed some online research and quickly discovered Queensway. He booked an appointment for a free consultation.






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Luke said:

I was unhappy with the gap in my smile. I had always been told that I had lovely teeth by my friendsnscious. I thought if you looked at my smile from one side it was fine however the other side was awful, in my mind. I felt uncomfortable when people sat next to me on my ‘wonky’ side and even felt uncomfortable as a passenger in a car because that tooth was essentially exposed.

The consultation at Queensway was easy and informative. I think I had already made up my mind that Queensway was where I wanted to go before I even entered the building. Following my meeting with Guy, I was confident I had made the correct decision. All of my options were laid out in front of me; from the different treatments to the varying payment plans. I came away feeling excited to get started.

Ultimately I wanted that one tooth fixed! I wasn’t bothered about the rest because I didn’t think they were visible when I was speaking or even smiling. As my journey went on I became even more critical of my teeth and I decided I wanted even the smallest of imperfections ‘smoothed out.’ Looking back at my teeth prior to the treatment, I can’t believe all of my attention was on one tooth when the rest needed work.

I decided on Invisalign® treatment. As a secondary school teacher, it’s hard to hide your mouth when you’re teaching a class of teenagers. I wanted my braces to be as discreet as possible and this was the best solution for me. 10 months later and I was sorted. My pupils knew all about it when I first got them on as I warned them beforehand. They didn’t notice them at all!

I feel so much happier with my smile. I think my confidence has been given a massive boost looking at the before and after photos – it was all so simple.

I felt right at home and everyone was so friendly and helpful. If I had any concerns I knew I could pick up the phone and someone would be able to offer me a helping hand.

Queensway is polished and professional every step of the way. There was no pressure to do anything and I was supported throughout my journey. I felt Queensway were interested in making me feel better rather than making a profit.


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