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Marcus was becoming increasingly self-conscious of his smile and snide comments from colleagues and friends on the golf course were becoming all too familiar for him, until one day he spotted an advert for Queensway Dental on his golf buggy.

After doing some online research on Queensway, Marcus was impressed with the number of positive patient reviews and treatment plans available at the practice. He decided to book in for a free consultation at both Queensway Dental and Queensway Orthodontics to discuss his options.





Dental implants, fixed braces and teeth whitening

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Marcus said:

Before visiting Queensway my teeth were in quite bad shape - I had a dead tooth that was decaying and turning black. This tooth was also crumbling away and had a crack in it and my other teeth were crooked and stained.

I carried out some research into Queensway and I was blown away by the feedback. The reviews and the treatment plans that were available looked amazing. Having both orthodontic and cosmetic treatment under one roof was very appealing, it removed the obstacles of dealing with multiple dentists.

My treatment started as fixed braces. My case was quite complex as I had a tooth that was dead and in need of extracting with the fixed braces in order to pull bone down to make room for a successful implant. Once the fixed braces were complete I had an implant and a crown fitted.

Overall from start to finish, my treatment took approximately 18 months to complete which is much less than I anticipated.

I was blown away with the result - the transformation is sensational. I rarely smiled (I hadn’t smiled in a photograph for 12 years) and now, I cannot stop! I am so confident in my smile now, and it is all thanks to the team at Queensway!

The service I received at Queensway was second to none. Every member of the team I met (and I think I have met pretty much all of them by now) are incredibly professional, friendly and personable. They each took a personal interest in me, which really makes a difference! Even the building and the environment around you, from the entrance porch to reception has had care and thought put into it to enhance every patients’ experience.

I would (and have) recommended Queensway to my family and friends. Some people have complimented me on my smile and expressed how they would like to get work done and every time I recommend Queensway and tell them they will not regret it!

Dental implants, fixed braces and teeth whitening

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