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Queensway star story

Nadia’s goal was to have a straightened, more aligned smile. After being recommended to us by a family member who had treatment with us and just 16 months of ceramic braces, Nadia can now smile with confidence!




Ceramic and metal fixed brace

Before & after pictures

Nadia said:

I wanted to straighten my bottom teeth as I was more conscious of them as I was getting older and decided to go for a ceramic brace on my top teeth and metal on my bottom teeth.

I was assured that it was a straightforward procedure and would get the results I wanted easily. I was told by other orthodontists that it was too complicated to do.

I am absolutely in love with my teeth and feel more confident, I have had lots of compliments and feel people aren’t staring as much as before. I loved the care from Queensway from start to finish, it was very professional and put me to ease.

I will definitely be recommending Queensway.

Ceramic and metal fixed brace

Before and afters

Before treatment Before

After treatment After

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