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After waiting for years to find someone to help improve her smile, Rosemarie’s dentist recommended she had a consultation with Dr Guy Deeming. Rosemarie wanted straight teeth that did not overlap and was conscious of how her teeth looked. This affected her confidence as she disliked having her photograph taken.





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Rosemarie said:

For over four years I had been to three dentists previously to try and get my teeth sorted. They all refused as it was a complicated job and two told me I needed my jaw breaking as I had a very complicated bite. This I did not want. My dentist knew I was very unhappy and conscious of how my teeth looked and after trying to improve them through teeth whitening, she recommended QO. My Grandson told me while I was watching a film with him, I had teeth like Nanny McPhee. My reply was… “I know, but I am doing something about it.

Since I have completed my treatment, I don’t seem to be able to walk past a mirror without looking in it.

Being a patient at Queensway Orthodontics was a great experience and they seemed genuinely interested in my progress. Any questions you needed answering or support, I felt they were there for you, either on the end of the phone, or the dental monitoring app. I can genuinely say I enjoyed going to the dentist. First rate service. So much knowledge. Everyone is friendly and supportive.


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