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Queensway star story

Scott wanted to achieve a straighter and brighter smile and was considering going abroad for his treatment. After being recommended by a friend to Queensway, Scott and our Specialist Orthodontic team decided to go with Invisalign treatment as the best possible option. After just five months, Scott’s new smile has given him confidence he has always wanted and when he smiles, his smile goals have been achieved.






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Scott said:

I was thinking of going out of the country for treatment, as I knew it would be less expensive to have veneers but thought it best to speak to a professional first. I was speaking to a friend who had previous treatment with Queensway, and he recommended I made an appointment to discuss what I wished to achieve.

Thankfully when I visited Queensway for my consultation, I was advised not to have veneers as I was told I had a good set of teeth and that veneers were not the best option for me. I wanted to achieve whiter teeth, with a more symmetrical look. I also had concerns about a gap between my teeth on one side which was noticeable when I smiled.

I felt I was looked after at Queensway; I was given time to discuss my options and what was achievable before a plan of treatment was made. I was working away from home at the time of treatment and appointments were made flexible and questions I had made through Facebook were always answered which made it convenient for me.

I would recommend Queensway Orthodontics as I felt they were a professional experienced team, who gave me an honest opinion of what could be achieved. I am very pleased with the outcome.


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