A few of our favourite follows

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May 5, 2023

A few of our favourite follows

A few of our favourite follows

There’s a whole fabulous world of orthodontic online influencers out there, that we love being part of (we know – who knew!). Here are a few of our favourite follows. We hope they inspire you, too.


A few of our favourite followsDr Grant Collins (aka The Braces Guy) is an orthodontist from Minnesota, best known for his irreverent TikToks on colours for braces and dental ‘how to’s. Find out everything from what to expect when having your braces removed, to experiments on whether you can eat Starburst sweets without breaking your brackets (and a LOT of videos on how your ortho ALWAYS knows if you’ve not been wearing your retainer regularly).

Click here to see The Braces Guy in action!


A few of our favourite follows

Recognisable for his trademark black scrubs, The Bentist (Dr Benjamin Winters) is an orthodontist in Texas who makes fast-paced TikToks answering all your ortho questions. Expect to lose hours of your working day staring in fascination at videos of hypodontia (too many teeth) and The Bentist testing out Superbowl Snacks on braces. Fun fact: his wife, Megan Winters is also an influencer in her own right, though not a dentist (or a Mentist).

Click here to see The Bentist’s best TikToks!


A few of our favourite follows

Dr Bar Nguyen is a YouTuber and TikToker (and obviously an orthodontist) from Texas – which seems to be the home of Ortho-influencers! Dr Bar The Braces Doc provides short and sweet videos, that are less frenetic than most but go into real detail on things like colours, with lots of videos to check out to see how various colours on braces work, which are very useful if you’re about to pick your own. Dr Bar’s second favourite colour is navy, by the way, and he recommends green for Christmas.

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A few of our favourite follows

Toothy humour on TikTok that will bring a smile to your face. Advanced Orthodontics is an account run by an orthodontic practice in… yes, Texas again! We’re seriously starting to think we need to move to the Sunshine State now. Lots of fun, particularly for teens and tweens just starting on their braces or Invisalign journeys.

Click here to take a peek at Advanced Orthodontics on TikTok!


A few of our favourite follows

Repping orthodontics for all the women out there is Braces by Britt. Dr Britteny Zito from New Jersey, makes cute and colourful TikToks to entertain and educate brace-wearers everywhere,. Expect lots of entertaining ‘Food versus Braces’ videos plus cool ways to wear your elastics and help with choosing colours.

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