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As leaders in our profession with 90+ years of combined experience, we believe in giving back to our community and peers. If you’re interested in educating your team on the benefits of orthodontics for your dental patients, you can book in a virtual lunch and learn below.

Fortnightly Recording ‘That Dental Podcast’ with friend and colleague Dr David Bretton – over 4000 downloads and counting https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/that-dental-podcast-off-the-cusp/id1514812150
Monthly Panellist on UK Business Confidence Forum with Chris Barrow and others – helping dentists and their teams cope with COVID and practice issues for their patients and teams
15/02/2020 Interview for dentistry magazine
28/02/2020 Keynote speaker PEI symposium Dublin – Invisalign
03/03/2020 Interview Radio 5 live – COVID-19 and dentistry
06/04/2020 Global webinar - Dental Monitoring Episode VI - the return of the AI
22/04/2020 Guest on ‘two reds are better than one’ podcast with Chris Barrow and Ashley latter
15-16/05/2020 Invisalign global scientific symposium (delegate)
02/06/2020 Queensway Virtual GDP study club – referrals IOTN and beyond
03/06/2020 Pro-dental CPD webinar - Video Consults - for COVID and beyond
13/06/2020 Gran Torino Masterclass – Dental monitoring Virtual Coffee break
24/06/2020 Guest on Dentistry-online podcast https://www.dentistry.co.uk/2020/07/04/dentistry-online-podcast-with-guy-deeming/
Summer 2020 Hosted the Invisalign webinar series ‘A new abnormal’ parts 1-3
Summer 2020 Hosted the Invisalign webinar series ‘A new abnormal’ parts 1-3
01/07/2020 Guest on Practice plan podcast https://www.practiceplan.co.uk/the-rules-of-patient-engagement/
04/09/2020 Invisalign virtual clinical faculty meeting as a Global Invisalign Speaker
23/09/2020 Filming for Invisalign global specialist campaign
16/09/2020 Filming for Dental Monitoring global education platform – ‘Why do we need to change’ https://academy.dental-monitoring.com
05/10/20 Global Webinar with Dental Monitoring CEO Philippe Salah - Evolving your practice in the era of patient empowerment
10/11/2020 Social Media Stars TIO webinar
11/11/2020 Guest on The Dental Monitoring's podcast: Evolving your practice in the era of patient empowerment with Dr Rayan Skafi https://www.linkedin.com/posts/dental-monitoring_dmpodcast-dentalmonitoring-new-activity-67322773842
18/11/2020 Invisalign New Abnormal webinar series part 4
19/11/2020 Evening Lecture Series: Orthodontic Assessment and Local Referral Pathways https://accent.hicom.co.uk/CourseManager
20/11/2020 North East Deanery GDP training webinar
20/11/2020 North East Deanery GDP training webinar
26/11/2020 Chris Barrow BUsiness confidence forum
03/12/2020 CSR Advantage webinar for ProDental CPD with Mark Topley
04/12/2020 TIO Member story profile
20/01/2021 North East Deanery Foundation Dentist training afternoon
27/01/2021 Chris Barrown Extreme Academy interview and webinar
10/02/2021 Invisalign Key Opinion leaders webinar
23/02/2021 Dental Monitoring Happy Hour SmileMAte webinar
05/03/2023 Guest speaker at the Align Symposium on the Digital Practice
Book A Virtual Lunch And Learn

Book A Virtual Lunch And Learn

We want to help you recognise the early signs that indicate a need for orthodontic intervention - and to provide the best possible care for patients of all ages. You can book in a virtual lunch and learn for your team members on any of the following topics:

  • Referrals
  • IOTN
  • Early intervention treatments
  • Management of retainers
  • Management of emergencies
  • Invisalign® treatments
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