Smile Stories

At Queensway Orthodontics, we make every effort to ensure we continually provide the best treatment experience for our patients. See for yourself! Watch the video testimonials and smile reveals of real patients we've created confident smiles for!

Danielle wore Invisalign

Zoe's smile reveal is HERE!

Vivianna's confident new smile!

Neve's smile reveal!

Lisa's reaction to her new smile!

Lily's smile transformation!

Joanne's confident new smile!

James' new smile!

Harry's new smile!

Patient Joley sees her BRAND NEW SMILE for the very first time!

Phil’s big reveal!

Hannah completes orthodontic treatment!

New teeth who dis?

Emma’s big reveal!

Alice sees her before and afters for the first time!

Andrews teeth transformation big reveal!

Sista Sista! Big reveal coming right up!

Christmas reveal!

Yasmin talks Invisalign!

Ronnie completes his Invisalign treatment

Darcey is brace-free!

Rachel shares her experience!


Freya’s brace-free!

Emma's talks straight teeth without wires!

Adam talks to us about how we helped him achieve the perfect wedding day smile.

Zoe talks to us about how dental treatment has helped her gain so much more confidence.

Matt shares his orthodontics and dental experience

Lynn's fixed brace journey

Brogan shares her fixed brace experience

Luke shares his Invisalign experience!

Jeremy's Video Testimonial

Marcus' Video Testimonial

Johnathan’s brace reveal

Emily’s just had her fixed braces fitted

Olivia is 16 and brace-free

Niamh’s Queensway Smile

Scarlett is BUZZING with her results from fixed braces

Sophie has just completed orthodontic treatment

Harry is now a proud owner of a Queensway Smile

Ava has just started treatment at Consett

Isabelle’s orthodontic treatment has come to an end!

Katie's brace reveal

Emily’s brace reveal

Gabrielle’s new smile revealed

Kieran’s smile reveal

Chloe’s big reveal

Frankie’s brace reveal

Mia’s new smile

Nathan’s smile reveal

Jenny’s brand new smile is revealed

Sam’s Queensway Smile

Lucy's big reveal

Kelis’s smile transformation

Ryan's brace reveal

Mia’s brace reveal

Jessica's brace reveal

Oliver’s big reveal

Lucy’s new smile reveal

Kaitlyn’s brace reveal

Paula's brace reveal

Harvey's brace reveal

Blake's brace reveal

Emily's brace reveal

Maisie's brace reveal

Jasmine's brace reveal

Isabelle's brace reveal

Princess' brace reveal

Grace's brace reveal

Ailsa has fixed braces fitted!

Emmy's brace reveal

It was more than I was expecting!

Ellie's brace reveal

Chloe's brace reveal

Rosie's reaction to her new smile!

Ruby's reaction to her new smile!

Gracie's brace reveal

Dino's brace reveal

Matty’s 6 month smile transformation!

Sky's brace reveal

Paige's brace reveal

Leonie's brace reveal

Lucy's brace reveal

Adam's brace reveal

Lewis' brace reveal

Adam's brace reveal

Sarah gets fixed braces fitted!

Jaden's brace reveal

Grace's brace reveal

Emmy's smile reveal

Libby's smile reveal

Tamzin's smile reveal

Joe's smile reveal

David's smile reveal

Jessica's smile reveal

Jordan's smile reveal

Georgia's smile reveal

Alexandra's smile reveal

Shauna's smile reveal