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Environment & Sustainability

We've rolled out multiples initiatives across our 9 practices in order to help minimise our impact on the environment and make orthodontics more sustainable - and we invite you to help us in this mission!

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How We Help

How We Help

These are just some of the things we’re doing right now at Queensway Orthodontics:

  • Opting for reusable products. Where possible, we use recycled products and reuse equipment that we sterilise on-site.
  • Going virtual. We have adopted a secure online booking and patient/treatment management system in order to reduce printing.
  • Reducing commutes. Our Dental Monitoring app enables our Invisalign® patients to be monitored weekly from the comfort of their own home - and skip the drive.
  • Thinking about smarter consumption. We have reduced our energy consumption through a strict power-down policy and restricted use of air conditioning.
  • Using clean energy alternatives. The energy we do consume comes from sustainable sources via carbon-neutral energy supply.

Queensway Green Charter

While you're having your Orthodontic treatment we'd like you to join in our commitment to helping the planet, too. Here's what we're asking of you:

  • Going green. Use non-plastic or recyclable oral hygiene products.
  • Recycling. Bring and deposit your used brushes, tube, packaging, retainers, and Invisalign® clear aligners in our TerraCycle UK boxes.
  • Going virtual. Reduce the number of journeys to our clinics by following the instructions we give to avoid damages to braces as well as use our online shop for toothbrush supplies.
  • Staying informed. Help us help the planet by telling us where we can do better to reduce waste and energy in our clinic!
Queensway Green Charter