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iTero Digital Scanner For Precise Results

At Queensway Orthodontics, we want to ensure we get the best orthodontic results for each of our patients. Because every patient has a unique set of teeth, we need to take an accurate impression of their teeth and jaws to plan the very best treatment.

We can achieve this using the iTero digital scanner.

iTero digital scanner
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What Is The iTero Digital Scanner?
iTero digital scanner

What Is The iTero Digital Scanner?

The iTero Digital Scanner is a hand-held, advanced imaging device that takes highly accurate 3D images of your teeth and jaws. It does so without the need for messy or uncomfortable moulds, improving the patient experience. And, by digitally visualising your smile, it’s easier for your Specialist Orthodontist to predict and plan the movement of teeth throughout your upcoming treatment.

When Do We Take Impressions?

This groundbreaking technology can be used multiple times throughout your smile journey, but the most important is during your first visit prior to starting orthodontic treatment. During this appointment, the iTero Digital Scanner will capture the current state of your teeth and serve as the starting point - or “before” - of your smile. Throughout your treatment, we’ll check the changes in your smile against this initial impression, making refinements as needed for the best possible results.

Benefits Of The iTero Digital Scan:

  • More accurate impressions, for better treatment personalisation
  • Ensures a snug, accurate fit for Invisalign® clear aligners
  • Mess-free, mould-free impressions
  • Offers a swift impression solution
  • Gives you the ability to see your future smile - before treatment starts!
When Do We Take Impressions?

FAQs: iTero Digital Scanner

How long does an iTero scan - or impression - take?

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How does the iTero Digital Scanner improve Invisalign® treatment?