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Best and Worst Easter Sweets to Scoff

We all know the Easter Bunny is no friend of teeth. Or dentists. Not all sugary treats are created equal, however, with some being much less damaging to your teeth than others. Specialist Orthodontist Dr Guy Deeming is sweet enough already, so we asked him to reveal Easter’s Goodies and Baddies.

Apr 5, 2023

Best and Worst Easter Sweets to Scoff

Best and Worst Easter Sweets to Scoff

Orthodontic Therapist, Julie tested a BUNCH of different Easter goodies on our behalf…

Riding in on a white charger, sword drawn heroically are…

Chocolate. . Yep, you’ll be pleased to hear Easter Eggs are not off the menu where dentists are concerned. Chocolate may be sugary, but it doesn’t hang around in your mouth for too long, especially if you wash it down with a nice cuppa. So make like George Michael and go ahead and enjoy that Careless Wispa.


Melty sweets. Things like sherbet flying saucers are total sugar bombs but, like chocolate, they melt and are quickly swallowed, so they’re not hanging out in your molars, causing trouble.


Softer sweets. Good old pink shrimps and foam sweets that don’t take too much chewing are not too bad either. A Haribo or two might even sneak into this category.


Non-sweet related treats. Don’t forget that not all treats need to be sugary to be welcomed. Even sugar-mad kids might be tempted by the promise of an Easter gift that’s usually limited, such as Minecraft skins, a trip to the cinema or some much-coveted tat such as collectible cards or stickers.

Lurking down a dark alleyway, twiddling moustaches and stroking long-haired cats are

Sticky stuff. You know the ones. They look nice and soft but actually get right in there in your molars, doing their sugary bad business and you’re still picking the bits out an hour later. Toffees, we’re looking hard at you.


Hard stuff. Lollies, boiled sweets and the like are true baddies. They last for ever and the longer sugar is in your mouth, swilling around, the more chance it has to do damage.


Hoarded stuff. I need to testify here. As a child, I once made my Easter Eggs last for a whole year. That’s just the kind of kid I was. While little and often might be better for your waistline, in dental terms, you’re just dragging out the damage. You’re better off having a few blow-out sweetie-scoffing seshes and getting it over with. And while we’re about it, keep those blow-outs close to meals, too, to give your teeth a break for the rest of the day.

And however you celebrate Easter, sticking to these basic rules will keep your teeth in one piece and your dentist happy…

  • Visit your dentist regularly and don’t skip appointments.
  • Treat your teeth to a high fluoride toothpaste AND mouthwash.
  • Try to keep sugary treats to around meal times (maybe have some Easter chocolate for pudding) or to just one treat time, rather than munching steadily throughout the day.
  • Avoid sports drinks altogether. Us dentists hate them even more than toffees! They’re a nightmare for your teeth and no one really needs them. Try good old water if you want to rehydrate.
  • Share your Easter loot with your orthodontist. Sharing the sugar out amongst others always helps and you’ll be their favourite patient.

Happy Easter, from team QO x