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Amy wanted to transform her smile to boost her confidence and feel happy smiling freely when greeting customers at her shop A Blondie Baker in Norton. Her concerns were that she felt her teeth were wonky and that she had a gummy smile. After just nine months, Amy is now enjoying the results from Invisalign, with a smile to be proud of.


Invisalign® and tooth whitening

Amy wore Invisalign

“I first heard about Queensway Orthodontics through social media. The before and after photos absolutely amazed me, I didn’t realise that somewhere so local to me could do such magic. Seeing the online reviews and that they offered a free video consultation I’d be able to do from my kitchen in between working, I felt like I had nothing at all to lose but to find out more information.

I’d always resigned to the fact that I had a wonky and gummy smile - I hadn’t ever imagined that in less than nine months it could be completely transformed and change the shape of my face. I decided that Invisalign was the best option, and it could be easily monitored from home. I loved the fact that people rarely noticed the aligners - it almost didn’t feel as though I had braces!

Invisalign has completely transformed my life! I spent years carefully trying to control my smile so that my wonky bottom teeth didn’t show, or my gums weren’t completely retreated...now I walk around completely carefree, and I don’t think about smiling anymore I just smile constantly and freely.

When it comes to work now my smile says it all. I love what I do, and I feel like my smile shows just that now. Having Invisalign means that every customer that walks through the door is greeted by a gleaming smile and quirky glasses 6 days a week.

From the video consultation right through to the final reveal has been an incredible experience. No question was too silly, every member of staff I encountered during every visit was a pleasure and I felt like everyone was invested in the end result.

I feel as though people automatically assume that the whole process of changing your smile is expensive and time consuming whereas at Queensway Orthodontics, it couldn’t be further from the truth. They offer payment plans for treatments and extremely competitive prices. During the whole nine months, I only had to go into the practice on two occasions everything else was done from home in minutes. There were times I’d forget I had them in and people rarely noticed me wearing them.

I would 100% recommend Queensway Orthodontics to my friends, family, and customers – they are truly an amazing team!”


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