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Beth was becoming concerned about visible small chips in the middle of her front two teeth, as composite fillings were becoming an annual treatment at her previous dental practice and she wanted her top teeth to be more level.


Invisalign® , tooth whitening and ceramic veneers

Beth wore Invisalign

I came across Queensway on Instagram and saw there smile makeovers. I decided to book an appointment to speak to a dentist there regarding what I could do about my chips, and slightly shorter two second teeth.

I initially met with my now dentist at a free consultation, which I was booked in for quickly after phoning for an appointment. After a brief chat about my concerns, I was provided with multiple treatment options along with all of the information needed to proceed with any of the options which I chose. I received consultations around different types of veneers, along with an option to go and speak to the orthodontists at Queensway Orthodontics about a brace, which I had never been been told about previously form other dentists.

I always thought my teeth were straight, however, when Dr Jane Gosney had a look at my smile she explained that a brace would be able to pull the second teeth into the position I wanted, without the need for veneers. My bottom teeth have always been slightly uneven too so this sounded like the perfect solution. She made arrangements for me to go and see the orthodontics team that same day, which was great as I do not live in the area.

After speaking with the orthodontic team, I decided to proceed with Invisalign, a clear alternative to braces, which I had for a total of around nine months. I was very happy with the outcome of my brace, however, the chips on my teeth still bothered me and caused some sensitivity when eating or drinking certain foods due to damage to the enamel. I spoke to Dr Gosney again regarding cosmetic treatment options and decided to proceed with four ceramic veneers.

The treatment I had at both Queensway Orthodontics and Queensway Dental has made me more confident when smiling, and people have instantly noticed that I seem happier in myself. I topped up with a whitening treatment prior to my veneers, and I am now happy with the way my teeth look.

It has been a good experience to be a patient at Queensway, they have been available whenever I have phoned for advice during my treatment, and always managed to book me in even though I’ve been difficult regarding my appointment times due to work commitments, they have always managed to work around me. They have made the whole treatment process very easy and all of the staff are very professional, helpful and friendly. The first day I had my consultations, it was clear the organisation of each department was well oiled and worked like clockwork, it was very impressive and it’s excellent that there are limited waiting times for your appointments and that you are not waiting around.

I have recommended Queensway to a few friends and colleagues, who have asked about my smile makeover and would like treatment themselves. I am now a patient at Queensway Dental and have transferred my care from the previous dentist I was at to Queensway as I was so pleased with the care I received.

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