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Social media home blogger Danielle regretted not getting a brace when she was a teenager. As a social media influencer, Danielle’s job relies on engaging with her following by sharing videos and photographs. Danielle was self-conscious about re-watching her videos back because of her smile and decided to do something about it. Fast forward to today and all thanks to Invisalign, Danielle’s confidence has been boosted and she receives so many amazing compliments about her new smile.



Danielle wore Invisalign

I decided to go ahead with Invisalign treatment which took around 18 months - which was so good as I had initially thought it would take around three years.

I wanted my teeth whiter but mainly straighter. Some of mine were out of line and some were twisted. I just wanted a nice straight row of teeth when I smiled. My treatment has boosted my confidence massively. When I need to do videos face on, I am not worried about my teeth or the way they look. It was not until I look back at my old photos do I realise how much they have changed and how much did need changing.

My time at Queensway has been amazing. Every visit the girls were always so friendly and chatty, and It made me feel comfortable. Louise was always so excited to see my progress when I would go in for an appointment and that always made me feel like it was going to all be worth it in the end and kept me feeling positive about finishing the treatment.

I would recommend Queensway to anyone who is thinking of changing their smile. The sooner you start the better, I’m so pleased I started when I did as the time flew over and it feels so good to be finished with my treatment.

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