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Eleanor was referred to Queensway Orthodontics by her dentist from the Abbey Dental Practice in Hexham as she had an overbite and her front teeth were prominent.


Invisalign® Teen

Eleanor wore Invisalign for Teens

My dentist advised to have my teeth straightened to avoid any further potential trauma after I chipped my front teeth on the bottom of a swimming pool when I was seven years old.

Initially I was referred to an orthodontist via the NHS but after an initial consultation, my mum and I were made aware that there was a waiting list and that treatment would not start for 18 months. I was keen to start treatment asap to minimise interruptions to my GCSE courses so we decided to see if any other orthodontists could start sooner.

During my initial consultation I gained a huge amount of confidence in Dr Guy Deeming. He offered me several different treatment approaches which included the option of no extractions and very discrete methods for teeth straightening. I had hoped my smile would feature straighter teeth so we used a combination of techniques involving Invisalign® and elastics so that I didn’t need extractions or fixed braces. Guy decided what was needed during my appointments as my teeth progressed on their journey over 15 months.

Now I am a lot more confident with my smile and I love my straightened teeth!

It’s a lovely environment with very friendly staff who made me feel relaxed and comfortable at each visit. Everything was explained very clearly to me at all stages and my teeth were checked every week using the Dental Monitoring app; this was very easy to use and minimised the number of trips to the clinic.

The process was very quick and the results are fantastic!

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