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Emma had fixed braces as a teenager but was regretfully no longer wearing her retainer which meant her teeth had moved back to an even worse position than before she started treatment. Still unhappy with the look of her teeth, Emma was recommended Queensway by her dentist who was aware of the practice’s orthodontic reputation.



Emma wore Invisalign
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My dentist knows I’m a perfectionist and she wanted to send me somewhere she knew I would receive a good service and be happy with the results.

I was self-conscious about my smile and was constantly keeping my mouth clamped shut for photographs. After having my wedding images ruined by what I called my snaggle tooth protruding from in between my lips and then my niece questioning why I have teeth like a witch I decided it was time to do something about it once and for all.

My initial consultation was with Leanne, she was so friendly and talked me through all of the options available to me, showing me visuals to help me fully appreciate what was on offer. She also took the time to talk through and understand my concerns, as an adult in a customer facing managerial role I was concerned that a fixed brace would affect people’s perception of me and wanted something more discreet.

I wanted my smile back to how it had been at the end of my first treatment - perfectly straight. Also with it becoming increasingly popular to have whiter teeth I was keen to explore that as an option at the end of my treatment.

I decided to go down the Invisalign® route as it fit my requirements perfectly. It allowed me to have a brace that straightened my teeth at my pace and gave me the flexibility to wear it with the confidence that no one would ever notice it.

The treatment has made me much more confident. I now show my teeth when I smile for photographs (sometimes a little too enthusiastically) and I love telling people about the work I have had done and showing people photos of how bad they looked before. It’s honestly changed the way I come across to others, I feel a lot brighter and happier now I show my teeth. Previously I was so concerned about not letting my teeth show I almost looked like me smiles were forced.

Being a Queensway patient was like having an extended family - literally ever single member of staff was polite, happy, thoughtful, caring, knowledgeable. It was a pleasure to visit and I’m really going to miss my regular appointments.

I can’t recommend Queensway enough. They will without doubt look after you from start to finish. They will be patient with you, understand your needs and help you achieve your goal no matter how complicated the case may be. I can say with confidence I’m a difficult patient and I had very high expectations, Queensway exceeded those expectations and managed my treatment better than I could have ever hoped for. I only wish I had done it sooner.

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