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After a couple of accidents left 11 year old Finn's teeth in poor condition, he often injured his mouth, especially during sports and it was affecting his confidence. Given their misalignment from the injury, his parents decided to rectify his smile with Invisalign First.


Invisalign® First

Finn wore Invisalign® First

When seeking orthodontic care for Finn, our initial dentist wasn’t very helpful and wouldn’t provide a referral. However, after Finn came across an advert on YouTube, we did a local search and found Queensway Orthodontics.

Our primary motivation for seeking orthodontic treatment was Finn’s recurring accidents. He had unfortunately broken his front teeth several times due to them protruding, leading to repeated knocks. Additionally, the aesthetic of his teeth led to some name-calling at school, which affected his self-esteem. Our main hope was to have his top teeth not jut out when he smiled.

We chose the Invisalign First treatment with Finn being 11 years old. The beginning was a bit tough; Finn struggled during the initial week since his teeth were considerably forward, making the aligners a bit challenging to fit. But after some initial adjustments and a bit of paracetamol during the switch to new aligners, things got much smoother. Using Dental Monitoring was straightforward, with no issues at all.

The transformation post-treatment has been nothing short of incredible. Finn now confidently flashes his smile, chats, and proudly shows off his teeth. I also feel a lot more at ease knowing that the chances of him knocking his teeth in the event of an accident have reduced significantly.

In terms of the service QO has provided, it was great. The staff were incredibly welcoming, and the DM messaging function in the app was particularly helpful. Finn’s newfound confidence is the best testimony to the quality of treatment he received. He’s genuinely happy with the results, and so am I!”

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